The Family

Manila Eatery has been a family-run business by Zapantas for over 20 years. The restaurant is currently in operation at its expanded location in Colma, California. However, it started in March 1996 at Bayhill Shopping Center in San Bruno, California managed and ran by our parents who were cooks at Good Shepherd Convent and Oblates of the Immaculate Missionary in Philippines.

Manila Eatery carries the Filipino turo-turo tradition. Turo-turo is the Filipino term for fast food, where the entire menu for the day is visible through a glass counter to the guests to browse through and choose from many mouthwatering delights. The customers choose their desired meal by pointing (turo) to the homemade-style fresh cooked meals.

Manila Eatery also caters for weddings, wedding rehearsals, birthdays, fiestas, religious events, graduations, christenings, holiday parties, business and school functions, as well as other special occasions.